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KABUL: Award winning photographer, Jessica Fulford-Dobson, captured the the skate girls of Kabul, inspiring girls the world over. Skate Girls of Kabul also won an award promoting girls sports, beating out other campaigns. Jessica spoke to Global Voice about girls.


This portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

When she first had her portrait taken and started skating, she was mousy and nervous;

after, she had inner grit, and color in her cheeks. © Jessica Fulford-Dobson

Despite the dangers all around, skateboarding brought out the silliness and

mischievousness in the girls, Fulford-Dobson says. © Jessica Fulford-Dobson

There is a positive side to the Middle Eastern veiled culture of women and girls –

a concealing and revealing act, which in the girls took the form of a peek-a-boo

playfulness, but a natural tendency in females everywhere. © Jessica Fulford-Dobson




LIBERIA:  In August and September 2015 Sarah Wachter and photographer, Emeka Okereke, went to Liberia to meet the women who were leading the country's recovery from Ebola.


Benson City, Liberia: Women make quilts to pay for their children's school fees, they could not meet during the Ebola crisis.

Balakertah-la, Liberia: Village chief, Esther Lokpah, lost more than half of her village to Ebola. No ambulances could get in.

Monrovia, Liberia: Lusu Sloan, head of the Liberian Marketing Assn helps women recover from lost sales due to Ebola.

Munrovia, Liberia: Women at rest during a roadside clean-up by Ebola survivors to reduce stigma among the public. 

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